મિશિગન નાં ગુજરાતીઓને એક તાંતણે બાંધવામાં પ્રયત્નશીલ … સાદું સરળ છાપું !

URGENT – Calling all Freedom Fighters! Fund Raiser in CANTON – Sunday Nov 14

Posted by વૈશાલી & કુલદીપ on નવેમ્બર 11, 2010

CLICK Open PDF Invitation

CLICK Open PDF Invitation

Calling all India Independence Freedom Fighters who are alive! “Arise Free India” organization is making a Movie on them.

Sunday on Nov 14th 2010 @ Ashoka in Canton – મિશિગન આપે છે સલામી સ્વતંત્રતા સૈનાનીઓ ને !

The “Arise Free India” organization is are making a Film on these Great People and to support this, they have organized a Fund Raising Event on this Sunday on Nov 14th 2010 @ Ashoka in Canton. If you know some one who was a part of the India Independence Momt. with Mahatma Gandhi in 1947 or before & alive. Please see the ATTACHED PDF INVITATION for the Fund Raiser Dinner. I know its little late but see if you could support in any way. If you know some one was a part may be your great grand father /mother or any one, please forward the info to Mr. DEEPAK PAREKH at arisefreeindia@gmail.com

If you wish to send any donations, Please contact Mr. DEEPAK PAREKH at arisefreeindia@gmail.com. (miGujarat.com wants to thank Dimple & Dipa Shah (www.deeyaconsulting.com) for sharing the details.)


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